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DNA Testing of Scots

Greetings to Munros in Scotland,

Members of the Clan Munro Association, USA are eager to learn about their Scottish heritage.  During earlier times of hardship in Scotland their ancestors immigrated to America between the 1700’s and early 1800’s seeking a better way to provide for their families.  Members of CMA-USA desire that Scots carrying the Munro surname will agree to do Y-DNA testing with the hope that the information learned will further their family research.  Money has been budgeted for Y-DNA testing of 8 Munro men.  Because the test will be paid for by CMA-USA, there are guidelines that must be followed.

The prospective applicant must

 have a working knowledge of his Munro paternal line and where they lived going back 3 – 4 generations.

 be willing to have that information shared with his close DNA matches.

 have a Scottish postal address.

The participant is welcome to correspond with those who match him closely, but that is not a requirement.  The test management company for the Munro Project is Family Tree DNA based in Houston, Texas.  The DNA test is saliva based, facilitated by a scraping of DNA from each cheek using 2 small, soft brushes.  If you wish to explore the Munro Project public website, log onto

There are 40+ Munro groupings in the Munro Project.   The 3 largest are as follows:

 the Foulis Munros

 the Lochfyneside Munros who hailed from the area around Inveraray in Argyll

 those descended from John Munro, a prisoner of war after the Battle of Worcester.  He was banished to the colonies, settling in Bristol, Rhone Island.  He is the ancestor of Marilyn Monroe.  

As mentioned, money has been budgeted for Y-DNA testing of 8 Munro men.  Plans will move forward with the first 8 who meet the criteria.  If you are interested, please contact the co-group administrators:

Margaret Bardin

Mark A. Monroe