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Greetings to Munros in Scotland,

You have something precious-- the DNA of our ancestors.   During previous times of hardship in Scotland,  members of earlier generations of your family left seeking to find a better way to provide for their families .  Their descendants live all over the world.   For those interested in their heritage, research is easier as more records are placed on the internet, however that only can be done when records exist!  Sadly, many records have been destroyed for any number of reasons.  Consequently, many Munros are up against a brick wall and look to DNA research as a way to circumvent obstacles.  We need your help and your participation.  The genealogy committee of the Clan Munro Association, U.S.A., Inc. is actively seeking donations world-wide to pay for Scots to take a DNA test.

Charles Munroe is spear-heading a DNA study of cadet families.   In his article that follows, there is a brief description of what you would need to do in taking a test.   What the genealogy committee wants understood is that the 112 participants in the Munro Project desire the participation of any interested Scot.  Participants live in Australia, Canada, England, France, Scotland and the United States.   Included in the group is the Munro of Foulis-Obsdale, a distant cousin of Chief Hector Munro.   Two of our newest participants are a descendant of the three Alexander Monros, the famous anatomists, as well as a self-described cowboy from Uvalde, Texas, who is a member of President James Monroe’s line.   It’s an interesting, eclectic bunch of folks who claim Scotland as their ancestral home.  Won’t you help us?  If interested, please contact me.

Best regards to each of you,

Margaret Dorris Bardin

4071 Young Street
Pasadena, TX  77504
(281) 487-6457

Although the Clan Munro Associations worldwide can now claim one of the largest Scottish genealogical data bases, it still has gaps that need to be filled. Prior to the middle of the 19th century records of births, marriages and deaths were not systematically kept by governments and most genealogical information was recorded by churches or written in family Bibles. Many of these records have long since disappeared and as a result many descendants of the Munros who left Scotland long ago need the assistance of their cousins in Scotland in order to fill in the gaps in their genealogy. In the last few decades modern technology has made it possible to do so through DNA testing.  

    This a not a solicitation for money. Munros in the United States, Canada, Australia and elsewhere will be encouraged to donate money to a fund to purchase DNA test kits and to provide them at no cost to our Scottish cousins.  Even the postage will be prepaid. If interested in helping, all that is asked of you is :

1) Make an effort to find a living male Munro, of one of the thirty-eight cadet families, who can trace his ancestry back a few hundred years.  Even though there are female descendants of cadet families, the male Y-chromosome test is used for surname projects.

2) For those interested, please contact Charles Munroe at, or 3043 Amarillo Avenue Simi Valley, CA 93063-1703 USA or call 805-905-8708.  Your contact information will be needed as well as the cadet family represented.

    As offers to participate are received they will be advertised  on Clan Munro web sites and publications in an effort to solicit funds from Clan Munro members outside of Scotland in order  to purchase DNA test kits from Family Tree DNA. A test kit contains two small vials with small brushes about the size of a ladies eyebrow brush. All that is involved is to gently brush the inside of the cheek with the brushes and return them in the vials in a prepaid envelope. It is not necessary to reveal from whom the sample was taken other than the cadet family that person represents. The test takes only a few minutes and is strictly confidential.

    In two to three months the test results will be posted on the Family Tree DNA web site at

The results will be identified only by the kit number. Later I will post on the Clan Munro web site the kit number and the cadet family it represents. The name of the person tested will be known only to that person unless he desires that his name be known. The initial test will involve 12 markers; if it matches the 12 DNA markers of another Munro, or group of Munros,  they may opt to have the testing increased to a 25 or 37 markers. Further testing helps in narrowing the time period when a common ancestor lived. This will not require anything further from the provider as the testing laboratory maintains the original sample, and the cost is borne by the person or persons requesting further testing.     

    By volunteering to take the test you may help fill in gaps in the family tree of Clan Munro, and in addition you may find that you have far more relatives than you ever imagined. Please volunteer and spread the word.

Charles Munroe

Add: "Most Distant Known Ancestor"

If you have not already done so could you please add details of your "Most Distant Known Ancestor" to your personal homepage at FTDNA otherwise a blank will be displayed for that field in your results entry. The project accepts results from both Y-DNA and mtDNA, but the direct line must come originally from Scotland.

- This can be entered by first logging into your Family Tree DNA homepage

- On the left hand side bar under "My Account" will be found "User Preferences"

- Once this has been opened about half way down will be found "Displaying the Most Distant Known Ancestor"

- Information to include consists of the following: name of the individual, date, event type and importantly the geographical location

- Remember if it is a mtDNA test you have taken the ancestor will be a female!

Here is a typical example of how the details can be entered: Donald Munro b.1787 Fearn, Ross & Cromarty

If you do not know the name of the individual or event, just insert the surname and geographical location.

Disclaimer: Family Tree DNA is not responsible for the safety and security of files downloaded from third-party sites. If at any time you want to stop receiving e-mails from your DNA Project Administrator, please go to the "Setup Preferences" section of your personal page and change the corresponding setting.