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Keep the Flag Flying
by Alan Munro

Sir Alan Munro was a career diplomat ending up as an Ambassador and is one of our more distinguished clansmen. This is the insightful and entertaining account of a lively British diplomatic career in the post-colonial period. See Keep the Flag Flying.

The Scottish Country House

(which includes Foulis Castle)

This publication has a 19 page spread of photographs and text on Foulis Castle. It is due to be launched in November 2012 and CM(A) members might be interested in buying a copy, it is not cheap at RRP £28 but is certainly well produced and would look good on anyone’s coffee table. It is a very handsome volume featuring 10 Scottish Houses all accompanied by colour photographs of interior and exteriors of each house. The Foulis family have no financial interest in the book, they were just approached by the author and asked whether they would mind if he included Foulis and agreed.


Tain Through The Centuries reprinted

Ross-shire Journal 22/04/2005

MAY sees the launch of a reprint of Tain Through The Centuries, the history of Tain commissioned by Tain Town Council as part of their 9th Centenary Celebrations in 1966.

It was written by the late R W Munro, FSA Scot, an historian and journalist born in Ross-shire, and his wife, Dr Jean Munro (nee Dunlop), an Honours Graduate in History and a PhD of Edinburgh University.

These distinguished authors researched their book thoroughly, using many published and unpublished sources including both local and national records and consultations with local people. The resultant book remains the most comprehensive history of Tain ever to be written.

Apart from a brief foreword summarising the main changes/developments of the last 39 years and a new cover, this paperback reprint appears in the original form of the first edition.

This edition of a book which has been out of print for many years can be recommended to anyone who would like to know the history of Tain, be they newcomers to the town, Tainites who have, for one reason or another, had to quit the town of their birth, or descendants of people who left Tain much longer ago.

There is much of interest in Tain Through The Centuries not only for people with Tain and Easter Ross associations but also for anyone interested in Scotland's history generally.

History of the Munro’s of Fowlis

My company has just republished "History of the Munros of Fowlis, with Genealogies of the Principal Families of the Name: To which are added those of Lexington and New England, by Alexander Mackenzie" on CD-ROM. It was first published in the nineteenth century, and is likely to be of interest to anybody involved in the history of the Munros. It retails fro $60 Canadian (about 25 pounds), or can be purchased in a premium searchable form for $80. It can be purchased online at, or by emailing me We also publish about 100 other titles, many of which concern Scottish history and would be of further interest to researchers into Scottish clans.

Roland Tanner

"CM(A) welcomes the republishment of "The History of the Munros of Fowlis" and recommends it to anyone interested in Munro History, however it should be remembered that since the publication of the 'History of the Munros of Fowlis' by Alexander Mackenzie in 1898 other sources have come to light, in particular the discovery of the 'Foulis Writs' in the 1930's and the printing of 'The Munro Tree (1734)' which have shown Mackenzie to be not entirely accurate. Whilst this is an excellent opportunity to purchase one of the main sources of Munro genealogy it must be born in mind that as an exact copy of the original it will still contain those inaccuracies."

Hector Munro of Foulis



For hundreds of years Christians have offered up thanks to the Lord for the bounty He has provided at table. Some graces are serious, others tailored to an occasion and light hearted.

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What Is My Clan?: A Study of Scottish Clans, Their Septs, and the Various Spellings
Paperback – February 14, 2018

by David W. McIntosh (Author)

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I started writing this book in an effort to be as accurate as possible regarding the clans, their septs, and spelling variations. As a convener for my clan, it has been frustrating to rely on books written to sell tartan or to be all inclusive. This book has been written to identify the septs and spelling variations for Scottish clans. It is not intended to be a guide for tartans.