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The 9th Monroes in France gathering was held September 24 & 25 2011 in the magnificent Domaine de Vincenti, property of Bernard and Brigitte de Valence (Henri-Dieudonné Monroe’s branch), close to Crest, in the Drôme region. The atmosphere was particular: Donald Monroe, President of the association Clan Monroe France since its creation in 1998, decided to hand over on power. Yves Monroe (Louis-Eugène Monroe’s branch) was elected President.

We thank again Donald Monroe for these past 25 years of devotion, since 1986, with the first family gathering held in Nodon-Grâne, followed by the ones of Le Bretail (1996), Founex (1998), Viviers (2000), Saint Germain en Laye (2002), Provins (2004), Lacoste (2006) and Pouvray (2009), without forgetting the organization of the 3 journeys to Scotland at the occasion of the Clan Munro gatherings (1987, 1997 and 2007).

Program of the gathering :

Monroes of France met around Chervé (Loire) 2013

In 2013, the Monroes of France met in Perreux (Loire). 150 persons, amoung them of lot of young people, participated at this gathering. The key point of this meeting consisted in sharing strong moments in various properties owned nowadays by the Monroes, in the surroundings of Chervé castle, property of Louis-Eugène Monroe and his descendants from 1849 to 1954. During the Annual General Meeting, it has been decided to change the name of the association: «Clan Monroe France» became «Les Monroe de France, membre du Clan Munro (Association)»; a new logo has also been adopted. This consecrates the statement of common roots (in France, the Monroes all descent from Ulysse Monroe and there is only one spelling -MONROE-) and the strong link with Scotland and the Clan Munro, Les Monroe de France association being recognized as a full branch of Clan Munro (Association).

Les Monroe de France – Members of the Board:

Honour President

Donald Monroe


 Yves Monroe


Guy Monroe, Pierre Heegaard


Lionel Monroe


Pierre Chauvin des Villars


Chantal Bouffard, Véronique Dubault, Brigitte Favre de Thierrens,

Henry de Drouas, Marc Estrangin, Emmanuel Gourd, Jean-Baptiste Gourd,

Guy Girerd, Patrick Barth, Hervé Monroe, Tristan Monroe

Vincenti gathering
September 24 & 25 2011
Clan Monroe France